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January 6, 2007 at 1:10 pm 3 comments

First HatI’ve become addicted to knitting and I just can’t help myself. (Oh yeah, wouldn’t that be the definition of addiction?) The signs are there: two or more bags of yarn, needles, and unfinished projects, weekly attendance at a local knitting group, baskets of yarn that I have no plans for (as of yet), a blossoming library of knitting books and patterns, and a special page on this blog (comments and resources). To say this “hobby” has consumed my life would be a definite exaggeration, but I don’t like to go a day without picking up my needles and knitting a few stitches.

That’s not to say that I’ve completed a lot of projects. I began knitting with a 2004 Christmas gift, from my sister, of Knitting for Dummies and a bunch of knitting needles she bought on eBay. After struggling and learning some basics on my own, I finally took a Freeport Community Education class in the fall of 2005 and my knitting, as I know it today, began. Aside from numerous squares and sample pieces, total projects include: 3 ponchos (the first for my sister), a sweater, hat (above 2/05), and 2 purses (not felted). I started a wrap in July that is 3/4 complete, a sweater for my other sis’ that I’ve just completed, and I’m still working on my husband’s Christmas gift, another sweater (much to his chagrin).

For me, knitting is total relaxation. Stress seems to flow from my body to my arms and my hands and out through the piece that I am working on. I love it. What I love, too, are the other people who are just as enthusiastic about the topic as I am. A friend and accomplished knitter stopped by on New Year’s Eve and without even a thought I shared my current projects and yarn stash. Much to my pleasure and surprise, she seemed just as excited about my tour as I did.

My knitting group meets at Starbucks (Yes, I know, chain not local, but it is the only place to sit and meet that is consistently open after work hours.) on Main Street in Freeport, ME from 6-8p.m. every Tuesday night from fall to spring. We would love to have others join us if interested.

Our current topic of interest is dying yarn with Kool-Aid. One of the members has shared these two links: Dyed in the Wool, from and A Good Day to Dye from the Fig & Plum blog. Something tells me that this could be a task that we tackle together some weekend morning and it looks to be fun!

The other thing that we’ve decided to do is to take a Cables and Bobble class at KnitWit, found on Congress Street in Portland, ME. I’ve also found this great chunky yarn, knit from the top sweater pattern that we may all challenge at the same time. Our repertoire of knitting skills is sure to grow.

So, enough about knitting. I’ll be putting all of the links I’ve mentioned above on my Knitting page and, if interested, you’ll know where to find me on Tuesday evenings. Happy Knitting!


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Happy New Year! Winter Has Arrived!!!

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  • 1. Your sister  |  January 7, 2007 at 5:32 am

    On holiday in Morocco, I bought some beautiful natural dyes…indigo and a green (can’t remember Berber word for it!) If you would like some to dye yarn with, let me know! They are gorgeous. Also, I always see some beautiful yarns everywhere I go and think of you…if I want to buy some for you, how much should I buy for a project? They can go in your bucket of unused yarns, but I have a feeling you will use it all eventually. Better addicted to knitting than drugs, food, or criminal behavior!

  • 2. bychance  |  January 7, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    Hey Sis’…cool! I would love to use some of the dyes. Let me learn how first. (-: This would be the best thing to do: pick out something you would like me to knit for you. They I’ll let you know what kind of yarn and how much to buy. You then pick out the yarn you would like me to knit with.

    Pick out a couple things as different projects take different types of yarn. How fun!

  • 3. Your sister  |  January 8, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    You don’t need to use the yarn to make something for me…you can use it for YOU. As for the dyes, they are easy to use…I got some fixer agent too. Just add water, that’s about it.


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