Winter Has Arrived!!!

January 20, 2007 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

I believe I have a type of seasonal affect disorder and it isn’t where one suffers from diminished sunlight (though I do miss it when I’m exercising at 5:30 a.m.). My affliction is a depression resulting from a lack of snow and, believe it or not, cold weather.

As a true Mainer, I thrive on living where there are four distinct seasons. When temperatures reach sixty degrees in January, as they did a couple weeks ago, I just don’t feel right. In fact, I can’t enjoy the warm weather because it causes more concern in my world than it does comfort. However, the issues surrounding the warming of temperatures will be left for another conversation. For now, I am excited to have seasonal temperatures and white when I look out my window!

Growing up in Mexico, Maine groomed me for a life long love of deep snow and the benefits of wearing layers as protection from the cold. Surrounded by the hills of western Maine, this river valley town’s location seemed to trap snowy weather systems that encouraged deep snow falls.

It was a blessing and a curse to be raised in a town that has the best snow removal system that I have ever witnessed. School NEVER seemed to be cancelled due to winter weather. However, on the few times that it was, we kids were not to be found inside. A snow day off from school was a chance to play; digging holes, making snow forts, sledding, walking around the quiet of town pulling each other in sleds, sliding down Penley Hill while someone watched out for traffic at the bottom (very dangerous but fun), and coming in for lunch just long enough for Mom to throw our wet winter clothes in the dryer before heading back out for more fun.

One of my favorite memories is a snowstorm when the snow was so deep that my sister and I spent an entire day and into the evening cross-country skiing on the barely passable roads of Mexico visiting family and friends. Across town, up hills and down, we travelled from house to house in the silence of falling snow to be greeted with hot chocolate, smiling faces, and a quick warm up before venturing to our next destination.

I feel much the same way when snow begins to fall now. The excitement of getting into the weather comes back instantly. A snowy day is a chance to be outside and feel alive.

There is one stipulation, however, to my venturing out into the snow. Whatever I’m doing, where ever I go, I need to be moving. Snow shoeing, walking, downhill or cross-country skiing, sledding, and shoveling are all mobile activities. Please don’t ask me to ice fish or winter camp. I’m not much of a sitter to begin with and I’m less likely to do it in cold weather. Being on the move when the temperature is frosty is a great attraction to me. Sitting still or sleeping in it is not.

I’m grateful for the snow on the ground, happy with the seasonal temperatures, and looking forward to continued inclement weather. After-all, winter has only begun and I need a good dose of the this season before I can feel ready for spring to arrive.


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