Spring is Here?

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It’s only been a couple weeks since I’ve posted on my blog but it feels like ages. Could it be that in only two weeks we’ve gone from treacherous winter-like weather and torrential rain storms to no snow and (Could it be?) spring like weather.

I baulk at saying the word s-p-r-i-n-g. The last time I grasped to welcome this snow_chairseason to 2007 I decided to put away all of my winter clothes. This rash action was rewarded by a nor’ easter three days later in which school was canceled and we received a greater snowfall in one dumping than at any other time this winter. So you’ll understand my apprehension in accepting that it is s-p-r-i-n-g even though May 1st is next week. You never know how the weather can turn in the great ol’ state of Maine.

My negligence in writing is partly due to my school district’s scheduled April vacation (2 weeks ago) in which my husband and I went on a little drive to the Daytona area in a favorite Mainer’s spring break destination of Florida. It has been over 20 years since my last trip and, with family anxious for us to visit, we thought it time to make the trek once again.

Typically, I relish in a week off in April with nothing planned and nothing to do. As we were completing our 22 hour drive from Freeport, ME to Port Orange, FL (left Friday, 6 p.m. and arrived Saturday night), I was truly missing the hours I’d have at home puttering, catching up on school work, lunching with friends, and doing all the things I love to do but never have the time. However, upon reading the newspaper on our first full day in the sunny state, April 15th, and seeing an image of a car turned over on Ferry Beach in Saco, ME in the Daytona news, I knew we were missing some truly crappy weather and that I could deal with the warmth and sun for at least a few days.

Our vacation was relaxing, our hosts incredibly 9923.jpggracious and generous. We spent our 4 full days zipping around Daytona Beach in a racy convertible Corvette, enjoying vacation oriented refreshments, taking in the Florida attractions (EPCOT in our case where I ran into fellow Maine teachers), and having a nice visit with rarely seen family. The weather was great and the company was fun.

We left Thursday morning and spent three days driving home with nighttime stops in Durham, NC to visit my brother and his fiance and another outside of Philadelphia to visit friends. Although taking three days of full driving to return home seemed a bit much, catching up and visiting with family and friends made the long ride very tolerable.

A second drive is definitely in the future for our next trip to Florida. However, taking the VW van would be great: a place to sleep if necessary, a great vehicle for Daytona beach, and plenty of room to take everything and anything wanted to make our vacation complete. It would be more costly than the diesel VW Golf that we took on this trip, but it could be more fun. A shorter time frame returning home is also in the plans. Driving for three full days on the way back versus one day and one night on the way down is the one part that made driving to Florida seem tough.

All in all, though, we had a good trip and missed some nasty weather in Maine. Thankfully, my in-laws were watching the house and pets while we were away and saved our only slightly dampened basement from being a very flooded basement. (Thank you!)

April vacation week was a tough for many in Maine: flooding, loss of electricity for the entire week, damaged homes, and more. We were lucky as far as the weather went: our home was spared by the storm, the drive down was weather free, sun and fun greeted us in Florida, and we were welcomed with temporary warm temperatures upon our return.

A week later and a few days of chilly rain, Freeport, ME seems to be slowly warming up with a glint of sunshine coming through. I know I may be taking a chance, but with the possibility of wearing a pair of shorts today, I’m beginning to think the Maine weather is starting to turn a corner for the better. It really seems like it is going to be an unexpected great day, enough so that I am trumping my fear of retribution for a simple statement of confidence and exclaiming: “Hey everybody, I think spring may finally be here. “


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