My Husband’s Sweater

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Correcting papers, creating lesson plans, and dealing with a new dog suffering from separation anxiety (stay tuned for that one) have completely taken up any extra time I may have for blogging, knitting, or participating in any other hobbies. Today I have a break and I’m finally doing an entry on the sweater I knit for my husband as a Christmas gift.

The story begins with my first real knitting project: a raglan sweater begun in the fall of 2005. At that time, due to my suggestion that I could knit him one as soon as mine was completed,  my husband clearly stated that he would prefer I not follow through with my knitting intentions.  His reasoning wasn’t because he disliked knitted garments. It was, in fact, out of consideration for me. To have me spend hours creating a garb he may not like or not dare to wear for fear of damaging something knitted by his wife’s own hands was a stress from which he would kindly like to be excused. Fair enough, I thought, and very sweet of him to explain.

Over the next few months, hubby watched my progress only to look upon my results in delighted dismay: How could this sweater have been formed from the various balls of yarn that had been hanging around the house? His reaction and accompanying smile was more of a reward than the finished product but when he said, “Even I’d wear a sweater like that,” his fate was sealed. After the following Christmas, when we decided to make each other next year’s gifts, the memory of that statement surfaced for me and I knew what I was going to do.

Knitting a man’s sweater in secret is no easy task and starting in August, under stealth conditions, was certainly not enough time. With coffee in the early weekend mornings, sitting on the porch while he was watching T.V., sporting events, and even some teacher meetings became my respite to get a little bit done.

By Christmas of 2006, I had finished the body and was still on the sleeves (being knit simultaneously on a shared needle). Nervously, knowing truly that my husband hadn’t wanted me to knit him a sweater, I wrote a little Christmas note, wrapped them both, and put the gift under the tree.

I won’t go into any more details, but my husband was very gracious upon the opening of his gift. By the time I finished it in February, he had accepted the idea of a sweater knit by his wife and cautiously tried it on. Of course, it was too big…but not too much. Offers to shorten it (something I’d love to learn to do) and re-knit the sleeves (just a bit) were dismissed and the sweater became a part of his wardrobe. (It went with us on our drive to Florida.)

I have to admit, if he doesn’t want to wear it, I certainly will. It is over-sized, soft, and incredibly warm. Knit with my favorite yarn, Lamb’s Pride worsted from the Brown Sheep Company, Inc., I could leave this sweater on forever. See the details below:

Knitting Details

General notes- This yarn knits up superbly. It is my favorite and I can’t wait to knit another sweater with this particular brand. If you are looking to knit an easy sweater, the raglan is a great one to begin with. The Yankee Knitter patterns are also very clear and easy to follow.


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