The Wait Gets Longer

June 10, 2007 at 1:19 pm 1 comment

A long and difficult process continues to become longer. That’s pretty much all I can say about our adoption from the Chinese Republic of China. Well meaning and caring family and friends keep asking, “Why, why is it taking so long and how can they keep all of those children in orphanages when so many people want to give them homes?” It is a question that makes perfect sense to ask, but not one that has an easy answer.

There is so much speculation with China adoptions and not enough factual information from the CCAA. Word is that they are backlogged because of high numbers of applicants, the availability of infants has decreased, while the rate of adoption in their own country has decreased. All of these things are good for the children needing homes but not for those of us hoping to have a child in our home within the next year.

One of the reasons that our adoption is taking longer is that we requested a “young as possible” child. Had we requested a toddler (20-30 months) our wait would most likely be shortened. That’s just the way it goes. Everyone wants a baby while children just a little older aren’t requested as often.

Of course, all of these variables have initiated some questioning of our initial decision and our course of action. We are also asking new questions:

  • Do we change countries and if so, to which?
  • Would our wait be decreased by changing countries or would we be caught up in the same time frame by switching at this point?
  • Do we even want to switch?
  • Would we be open to an older child?
  • What do we REALLY want to do?

Adopting a child is truly a challenge. Should we have gone with a different country? Started procedures to adopt domestically? When we began the process, China seemed to be a “sure thing” with somewhat of a wait, but not too long. Their system moved like “clock-work”, we were assured. It was the best fit for us at the time.

From all I can gather, their procedures are still moving along, but keeping time at a much slower pace. So the wait continues. Like so many others in our situation, it is a discouraging time in our quest for a child…especially those like us who are a little older and are hoping for our first.

So for now, wish us luck but keep questions to a minimum, don’t buy us any baby gifts, and know that as soon as anything happens, we will let you know.


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  • 1. Sandra Hanks Benoiton  |  June 10, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    I don’t believe for a moment that the wait is increasing because of anything but China’s present political climate and a wish to make it appear that there are fewer children needing families. The upcoming Olympics are getting the powers that be to start thinking about how their country looks, and as usual they’re going about looking better from completely the wrong direction.

    Keep in mind, however, that once your child does come to you the wait, however long, will make sense. After all, any other time frame would not have brought you that child. Perhaps yours is just not ready yet …

    Good luck, and keep the faith.

    Also, keep all your options open. You can never tell where your child might be waiting.


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