Happy Holidays- At Last!

December 27, 2007 at 3:08 pm 2 comments

This post is a collection of thoughts that I’ve been meaning to jot down for the past few weeks but haven’t had the time to write, so excuse the random topics.

Phew! The past month or so have been hectic for us. I won’t go into all of the details but will share some of the highlights: weekend wedding in Alexandria, VA, overnight to Boston, closing grades and mounds of school work as we are finishing up an expedition, trip to St. Croix for brother’s wedding, getting ready for the holidays, snow removal and ice chipping, trying to work on a baby’s room, engine replacement for the Westfalia (O.K., I’m not working on that task, but it does impact our working on things at home together.), and basic every day life.

Mind you, I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to keep up with the daily pace like everyone else. It seems like life is crazy for a lot of people right now and when I look at what some people are juggling, I cringe in shame for even thinking that I’m overwhelmed. However, I am going to put in a plug for the typical school teacher:

To take a day off from school is not an easy task for any teacher. To go to school sick is MUCH easier than writing out lesson plans for a substitute. https://i0.wp.com/www.londonderry.org/assets/twps/images/Book%20stack%202.gifTaking three days off from school in one month to attend weddings (or any event) is not only a lot of extra work in preparation to be gone (at least 3-4 hours, or more, prep for each day taken off) , the time away takes up precious weekend and evening hours that are typically spent correcting papers and planning lessons. There is also the guilt factor, as well. I can write out very detailed lesson plans to be followed step by step, but I can’t ask a sub to teach the curriculum that I am working on with the kids. There is too much content preparation needed for a substitute to be able to step in, take over, and teach subject specific information for even one or two days. As a result my “kids” are typically left with seat work when I am away. After all, I am a teacher and not just a spewer of information. There is a difference. Basically, it takes a lot of work and it puts me behind by days to be out of school for any length of time. But sometimes it is necessary and very worth while.

DSC08873.JPGOn that note, I will say it was fun taking a family holiday to St. Croix in celebration of my brother’s wedding. Not havingDSC08953.JPG to worry about cooking meals and all being stranded at a beautiful resort removed a lot of daily worries and coordination mishaps that can interfere with any vacation get away. Basically, other than a trip into the local town, all we did was sit on the beach, float around in the water together, and relax. My other sister, brother, and their families were definitely missed. It would be fun to do something like this again with everyone included.

It feels GREAT to be on vacation. Like most people, Christmas was spent running from one location to the next in celebration of family, food, and the season of giving. I’m looking forward to next year when (hopefully) we’ll have a little one to join in the festivities and we will be starting some of our own traditions. Our goal is to make next year’s holiday inclusive of all family members, with time for our own, without being completely exhausted. Is this possible?

For “vacation”, Doug and I plan on shopping for new windows (at least one for the baby’s room), stripping wallpaper, and testing out the new heat gun that Santa delivered for removing old paint. There is a lot to accomplish between now and the 2nd of January when I need to return to the classroom. Of course, I need to fit a little paper correcting and lesson planning in this short week, along with some much needed adult socializing. Room renovations will continue after this holiday week, for certain, but this is the time frame where we want to get the bulk of it done!

Emma, my cat of 15 years, is not feeling well. We are awaiting test results on blood and urine samples. Two days before Christmas I noticed that she seemed less loving than 31737.jpgusual and not eating her regular food. That night she did not come up to bed with me. For fifteen years, my cat has followed me to bed almost every night. When she doesn’t, I know there is something wrong. Yesterday, she would eat tuna but today there is no interest. I’m afraid she may be coming to the end of her days, which will be incredibly sad for me. Emma has been a true friend and with me throughout many highs and lows of the past fifteen years. I’ll be heart broken if it is her time.

This year the holidays seemed to come very quickly. Maybe it was the trip to St. Croix that threw me off. You know…being in eighty degree weather in the month of December just doesn’t seem right for a Mainer. It must have impacted my internal thermometer. However, our return flight into a snow covered Boston was a quick reminder that winter was around the corner. Maine has been blanketed with the white stuff ever since and I love it.

I have to say that one thing that I’m truly thankful for this Christmas (along with my husband, family, wonderful friends, a great job, and a warm home) is that we have snow…and lots of it. Even though I’ve yet to hit the ski slopes (and yesterday would have been a PERFECT day), the fact that the ground is covered in white in December gives me a feeling of content and satisfaction. It’s winter in Maine and it should look like it.

I’ve posted before on how the lack of snow for me is like sun deprivation for others. As IDSC08954.JPG get ready for a busy day that includes a couple walks for the dog, cleaning Christmas residue, checking in on my poor kitty, paying bills, working on our baby room renovations, and trying to unwind yet another tweak in the adoption process (more on that later), the fact that it is starting to snow helps me to feel more settled and ready to tackle the day. And if there is some shoveling to add to the day’s responsibilities, I’ll accept it with pleasure. After all, shoveling is excellent exercise!


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  • 1. Suzanne  |  January 1, 2008 at 2:02 am

    Hi – I just found your blog and I look forward to reading it. We are adopting from Kaz too. We submitted our dossier the end of Nov. I LOVE St Croix! One of my friends lives there and got married there a few years ago (the wedding was at the Cormorant, may not be called that anymore) but it was RIGHT on the water and we had this cute little room on the 1st floor. You literally walked out the sliding glass door and you were on the beach. It was awesome. Whenever I have a hard time sleeping I imagine myself there. Happy new year! If you email me, I’ll invite you to my blog too.

  • 2. Wow! It’s January 7th! « By Chance…..or Not  |  January 7, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    […] time in more years than I can remember. Now that we are all married (Tom and Steph were the last in St. Croix, November 2007) it seemed even more special that we could all be together, which made me miss Doug even more on […]


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