Day 30 in Kostanai

October 2, 2008 at 2:13 am 2 comments

Thursday, October 2, 2008: Day 30 in Kostanai

I tend to be a morning person however I seem to be suffering from a little insomnia lately and am getting up early even for me: anywhere between three and five a.m. Hmmm…could this be caused by a million thoughts running through my head the second I reach a state of consciousness? Perhaps, but I actually don’t mind the early hours and enjoy firing up the gas stove, lighting it with a match, and putting the pot of water on to boil for my instant coffee. It gives me time to think and time to write. (It is also the best time in Kostanai to be on the Internet if you are bound to a dial-up card for access.)

I can’t believe that it is already the 2nd of October. Despite a few periods of boredom, time has passed relatively quickly. We seem to keep ourselves occupied with walks to the markets, exploring Kostanai, our weekly dinner/Scrabble night with Natascha [picture to right is in her kitchen], dining with friends, and watching very good U.S. movies all dubbed in Russian. (Oh, yes, and I’ve been knitting, too.)

For our first week in Kostanai, finding our main meal of the day (usually around 3 p.m., following our baby house visit) kept us busy as we explored local restaurants and sampled their fine cuisine. Although prices are extremely affordable, eating out everyday does get expensive. Once settling in and becoming more familiar with the local markets and grocery store, GROS, cooking at home has become more a typical venue for meals with an occasional lunch or dinner in one of Kostanai’s many fine dining establishments. (And there are a lot of restaurants!) Walking to and from the store, trying to figure out what exactly you are buying to eat, where the ingredients you want are found, and preparing a meal can consume a good portion of an afternoon. [This is a picture of a very delicious pasta dish Doug prepared using salami, cheese, and a cream sauce.]

Like all adopting parents, our highlight of the day is the visit to the baby house. Each time we go, it gets harder and harder to leave our little one there. But, we are getting closer, with each visit, to the one where we can bring him home. Paperwork is being gathered and filed on our behalf, we’ve been assigned a judge, and things are moving forward. It feels good to know we’re making progress and our coordinator is hard at work trying to move things along. I feel like the hazy clouds of adoption are beginning to dissipate and clearer weather is coming our way.


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  • 1. Susan  |  October 2, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    you forgot to mention shopping with your friend Susan, who buys tons of stuff while ya’ll encourage me to further boost the Kostanai economy!!


    i will say ya’ll are fabulous walking/shopping buddies and I have enjoyed your presence very much and I can also “brag” and say that your son is ADORABLE and you look so happy and very much in love with each other at the baby house.

    Tomorrow is my 63rd day in Kostanai, and the day I bring my daughter back to our apt!!

    You will get there too-the time you spend now bonding with your son is precious precoius time, so when the time does come for you to leave his “home” in Kostanai to begin his life in his new home with you, the transition will be almost seamless.

    We are so blessed to be here in this wonderful town of Kostanai, enjoying our indian summer weather, walking around, and bonding with our beauitful blessed children that were matched up specially for us.
    It really is a wonderful, miraculous process and I am glad I get to expereince some of it with you guys.

    Even though you give me NO SHOUT OUTS on your blog for being the best shopper EVER, and you didn’t even mention how Doug almost locked us in my apt. 🙂

    don’t worry, I still like ya’ll anyway and I will let you knit Leeza a hat, but I don’t want to stay an extra 30 days to wait. You can mail it.


  • 2. Tricia  |  October 4, 2008 at 12:14 am

    Susans hat comment has me laughing. I am so happy that you are feeling a sense of the adoption clouds parting. It has been a very long journey for you and Doug and your day is coming soon. It will all feel so different when you get home, like did this all really happen and when was he not in our lives? It really is amazing how the ordinary tasks of life can take up so much time there when you don’t have a car, a dishwasher, a dryer, an ice cube maker, etc., etc. Can I put Rustam on the hat list, too, when you start your hat knitting business? They are adorable!


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