Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

December 12, 2008 at 3:21 am 1 comment

42599O.K., I’ve been lazy about writing on the blog and, perhaps, experiencing a little Blog burnout. I could use being a new mom as an excuse but that wouldn’t be honest. Sure, things are busier and my downtime is limited but I’ve been spending my free time playing on Facebook and doing…well…nothing.

One thing that has been keeping us a little busy is wonderful visits from friends from all over Maine and even California. (O.K., the California friends were in Boston but they did drive all the way to Freeport to meet Kairat.) This picture is of a recent Saturday spent with Tougy (so beautiful) and her parents before they headed to the Polar Express in Portland. We love seeing friends!!! It has been great to reconnect with so many people!

However, it is time to be more motivated and productive when I’m not with my kiddo. New knitting projects, Blog posts, Christmas cookies and decorations, and exercise!

Speaking of exercise, Kairat and I had our first visit to the local YMCA this week where they will watch your child in a daycare room for up to two hours while you work out in the gym. I’ve been anxious to get back to a regular exercise routine but even more anxious to have Kairat exposed to more children. (Every time he sees a picture of a small child he kisses them with his big, open mouthed baby kiss.) He did have one afternoon of playing with his cousin, Connor, but he is definitely craving more child attention. We have friends with young kids but it is a hectic time of year to plan play times.

We did a little pre-visit to the gym last week to get a feel for the day care facilities but, of course, it wasn’t remembered by K. I tried to quickly drop him off on Wednesday and leave while he was distracted so that he wouldn’t be upset.

The staff know where the parents are in the facility so they can retrieve you if needed. Wanting to get Kairat home before 10 a.m. for his morning nap, I worked out for about 45 minutes and headed back to the daycare. I found him in a rocking chair with one of the caretakers, looking very sleepy. Along with his enjoyment of music and the murals on the ceiling tiles, it was also reported that he cried for about 10 minutes when I left, which was not bad for a first timer according to the staff.

I’m looking forward to making the YMCA a regular part of our routine. I know we’ll both benefit from these visits!


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  • 1. Susan  |  December 12, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    how can you say you are lazy when you talk about going to the gym? silly girl. 🙂

    Love the pic of Tougy and Kairat! It is exhausting getting a lot of visitors and just getting things done in general with a lil one in tow , especially when you are not used to it.

    I have been especially exhausted the last few days-sleeping when Leeza naps even! I feel like I am getting sick or something, but my girlfriends suggest that MAYBE it’s just NORMAL because I get up at 4:45 to run every morning, and I have a very active toddler that keeps me on me toes all day. I don’t know what it is, but It’s unlike me to be so tired and take 2 naps a day with Leeza–I am not really a napper really!

    We have lots of fun stuff near us to do, now that Leeza is officially a “walking toddler”, no more crawling. However, tricky to plan because Leeza also needs her sleep and when she is tired, so tries to go crawl in her crib. LOL
    I figure she is only 15 months old, so we do still have plenty of time for toddler tumbling, etc, and right now she needs her morning and afternoon nap or it makes both of our times together not nearly as fun. 🙂

    Facebook and blogs are addcitive, and i admit, i spend too much of my downtime on them, but I love to check on our Kaz cousins so much! We met cute Zoe from Canada yesterday who was in Orlando on vacation-it was a lot of fun!

    Glad K liked the gym-Leeza also loves to be around kids-and if she could morph into one nap only, we could do toddler tumbling and story time and a host of other fun things that I’ve always wanted to do! Learning to go by her schedule and listen to her cues-it’s Leeza time, not necessarily Momma time. 🙂


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