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Finally Time to Write

Evening Walk

Evening Walk

It’s about 9:20 p.m. here in Kostanai and 11:20 a.m. at home. Exhaustion has been the word most on my mind today. We’ve been here for three full days and have barely stopped or slept. Honestly, there’s been little time to write! Our beginnings here have been incredibly stressful, as the typical system of adoption at the Delphin Baby House has been disrupted. It wasn’t until today that we had some quality time (an hour and a half) with the child we’ve chosen to “visit”. For those waiting to hear information on the baby (or even see pictures), you’ll have to wait until Monday when we are able to conference with the orphanage’s physician on the health of this particular child. At that time will we be given access to medical records, which will help us to make the final commitment to this adoption process.  Sorry…patience for just a little bit longer.

Water Anyone?
I’ve just finished washing some clothes out in the bathroom sink before the city’s water is turned off for two days. Kostanai’s central water system, including temperature, is controlled by a government agency. Turning off the water for a couple days may seem tragic to some but it is actually a good thing for these fine citizens (and us). These two days without this basic necessity is the signal that the hot water will be turned on, something that hasn’t been seen for the entire summer. Yes, you heard it right; the hot water is typically turned completely off for the summer months. This is followed by the upcoming two day shut down so that the city’s water pipes can be prepared to pump both cold and hot water for the fall and winter. We got here just in time to experience the change in the water season. Yippee! We’ll have hot water versus the cool water temperatures for those here visiting in the summer.

In preparation, we’ve seen many people carrying buckets for filling and jugs of store bought water. We decided to fill our bathtub and use the water from that for washing, flushing the toilet, and other basic needs. (A little boiling does a lot for sitting water.) You do not drink the water here whether you are a citizen or visitor so we’ve already a good supply of water for drinking, cleaning fruit and vegetables, and brushing our teeth.   On September 9th, life will be good in Kostanai for everyone: water will be flowing in more than one temperature. In addition, our landlord is going to fix our washing machine (no need to do it before there is running water) and we can take our first shower in days.

More to Come

Tomorrow, I hope to write a little bit about where we are and our apartment. We’re in a beautiful section of the city and are within walking distance to most amenities. This really is a great city and the weather has been perfect. I’m actually hoping for rain this evening so I can get a little sleep. We have a great courtyard surrounded by our building and three others. Unfortunately, conversations in this area echo and a group of young people were chatting and laughing until around 4 a.m. this morning. I hear them out there right now so maybe just a little rain would send them all inside. Ahh…and then I can sleep and be ready for our visit at the Delphin House tomorrow.

All is good and I look forward to writing more. We’re both thinking of our family and friends and are very grateful for all of the support and kind words coming from everyone. More to come…much more to come!


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