Almaty Summarized

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Wednesday and Thursday, November 11 and 12, 2008: Days 4 and 5 in Almaty and Days 71 and 72 in Kazakhstan

This post is going to be a collection of thoughts and blips that occur throughout the next two days. I want to record what is going on but I’m too tired to write in full, descriptive paragraphs.

Heating Kairat’s Food– I decided against buying a hot pot for just a few days. I did finally find one in the TSUM but it wasn’t cheap so I decided against it. (I really wasn’t looking that hard, anyway.) Instead I’ve been putting Kairat’s bottle under the running the hot water in the sink in the bathroom for a few minutes which increases the temperature just enough so that he gulps every drop down just like he always has. I occasionally do the same for his regular food but he is O.K. with eating it a room temperature. It is just the formula that he likes warmed.

Filling Out Embassy Papers– Yup, filled them out today (Wednesday) and basically panicked and forgot personal information that I needed to look up. Duh! I was also told what to write and where to write it, which boxes were to be checked “yes” and “no”, where to write N/A, and where to sign on the dotted line. I appreciated the direction and was happy to have yet another step completed.

Clothes– I’ve been wearing the same jeans since we left Kostanai on Sunday. (Yes, I know, gross!) I only wanted to open one of the vacuum suctioned packing bags while here in Almaty and that bag only has one other pair of jeans in them; the pair I was saving to wear home. I can’t stand it anymore and I’ll be wearing clean jeans tomorrow. I’ve also been washing two shirts out by hand, a different one every other day, to minimize the unpacking. Kairat’s wardrobe has been whittled down to four outfits which have been washed on and off throughout our stay. Depending on the exodus of his bodily fluids, I sometimes wash all outfits in one day.

A Week of Bruises– Kairat fell off the bed, he bumped his head in the tub, and I hit a pothole while walking and we both fell onto the sidewalk. (I fell on the sidewalk and he fell on me.) Ouch for all of the above!

Me– Kairat’s diaper rash cream is excellent for my very dry hands. Also, I hate wearing my retainer for my teeth at night. This has nothing to do with the adoption or Almaty but I thought I would throw it in.



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